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Mumbai, the city of glitz and glamour, has a high demand for playboys. As a company, we have successfully operated our Playboy Services by Gigolo joining in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We have provided the best services to our clients, which has made us a leading provider of playboy and gigolo job in Mumbai and nearby city areas.

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As a company, we are eager to hire a fit and healthy 18 years plus, male who is willing to work. All you have to do is contact us for the gigolo registration in Juhu, Maharashtra. A playboy working with us will have the opportunity to enjoy the client's affection by giving them pleasure and earning a hefty amount of money immediately. So, if you want to start a life full of financial freedom, just send us a WhatsApp message at 9171879864 from your phone.

For all the premium clients and all the new ladies seeking the call boy service in Maharashtra, Juhu, Andheri, Bandra, Worli, Dharavi, Maharashtra, we have developed the playboy services in Mumbai, Maharashtra website. The page will give our clients the benefit of finding the playboy of their choice.

The website also acts as a central database of the portfolio of all the male companions who have done the playboy registration in Bandra, Maharashtra. Our clients can enjoy the divine sexual pleasure they have always craved by selecting the man of their choice from the website. The male escorts can also view the legitimacy of their work and demand from the website.

So, all the males interested in getting the job or the ladies who want to enjoy the pleasure, WhatsApp us on the above number and enjoy the time of your life, tension-free.

Who is a Callboy in Mumbai, and What Services do they offer?

Any 18 years and above male who is interested in spending some quality time with a lady in exchange for money are referred to as a callboy in Warli, Maharashtra. These men can work as a companion for a client in a range of places and scenarios. These men are also known as the provider of gigolo services in Andheri, Maharashtra, or male escorts.

What services do they offer?

These male companions can visit high-end places like hotels, resorts, nightclubs, high-profile parties, and the client's special friend. With the benefit of prostitution being legal in many cities, the lady who hired the service of the male escort can enjoy a special night behind closed doors without a worry in the world. All our male escorts joining Mumbai, Maharashtra, have been successfully operating under us across India's major cities.

We welcome any legally aged man as a male escort joining in Andheri, Maharashtra. They can start earning immediately by pleasuring the clients while enjoying the company of high-profile ladies. We pride in providing the best service in the gigolo market in Juhu, Maharashtra by ensuring only dedicated and healthy men are part of our company. We do not tolerate illegal and low-action activities.

Satisfaction Guaranteed With Our Gigolo Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra

The men who decided to work with us in the Gigolo market in Bandra, Maharashtra, undergo rigorous scrutiny and training. They are not allowed to have:..

  • Any legal record of misdoings
  • Should not have any unlawful relationship with a minor
  • Cannot have any record of a child or human trafficking

We also ensure that the escort is of stable mind and physically fi, for that purpose, they have to undergo:

  • Regular physical examination
  • Medical tests
  • Psychological evaluation

As part of our service, we also train our men to be strong enough and on multiple techniques on how to satisfy the clients. In case the client is working as a business owner and providing the escort service by hiring from us, we always do a check on the business to warrant that it does not affect our male escort or other client's wellbeing and happiness.

How to Register For Playboy Job In Mumbai, Maharashtra?

In case you are wondering how to work with us and how to become a male escort or gigolo in Dharavi, Maharashtra, all you have to do is follow these four steps:

  • Fill up the registration form given below to work as a Playboy
  • Once you have paid the registration fee, we will contact you within 24 hours.
  • Once you get approved by us, the client will call you directly for the service. You can get the other required details regarding the client from us.
  • Attend the service, satisfy the clients, and you will get paid for the job.
  • Note: You have to pay 10% of your earning as a commission to us. For example, when you make INR 20,000 from a single meeting, you must credit INR2,000 to our agency's account.

Gigolo Registration Services Nashik

Why should you join Gigolo services in Mumbai, Maharashtra?

  • As a company, we are legal and adhere to the Constitution of India, which recognizes male prostitution as a job.
  • We ensure the registration and commission fee is affordable
  • We never send you to unknown clients
  • You do not have to serve clients of the LGBTQ community
  • We do not take on clients who have been affected with any kind of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • We do not share the contact details of our members


You can earn between INR 15,000 and U+INR 20,000 when you spend the night with the client while offering the playboy services in Worli, Maharashtra. If the service is for a short duration, between four to six hours, you can earn between INR 6,000 and INR 12,000.

Working Time

At the playboy job in Dharavi, Maharashtra, you can get at least four to ten clients per month. But you have the option of cancelling in case of an emergency.

Working Place

Depending on the client's preferred place, you have to be there.

Selection Process

Once you fill-up the registration form for our playboy services in Mumbai, Juhu, Andheri, Bandra, Worli, and Dharavi, Maharashtra will contact you. As part of our team, we are broadening our service of gigolo club in Maharashtra along with other major cities of India, so you have the opportunity to travel to other places too while earning lots of money. Enjoy the process of satisfying others with the service. Join us today. Contact us at Chat at 7678490671.