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Any Male who will be willing to earn money by offering sexual satisfaction to the wealthier clients must not be hesitant in taking our Gigolo service in Andheri Mumbai.

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For this, you may anytime do Call. Furthermore, Indian Male Escort or Male Prostitution can mainly be spotted presently in the major part of Mumbai. You may start counting those as Bandra, Andheri, South Mumbai, Juhu, Powai, Goregaon, Worli, Chembur, & Chembur.

This means that you and the other passionate males can non-hesitatingly find any male escort job here in your city this will be turning the tables - completely.

Indistinguishably, we aren't denying the fact that Male escort and Playboys are required urgently for the agency which we are working for. As soon as you choose our agency, you will be symbolized as Callboy in Andheri Mumbai or any other part of Mumbai.

Therefore, Interested candidates from parts of the city like Bandra, South Mumbai, Andheri, Juhu, Powai, Goregaon, Worli, Navi Mumbai, &Chembur- are given - recognition here.

We have been offering our service all over India. Primarily, there are more than 17 cities where our gigolos are operating. Thus, you must be calling us and then, join India’s biggest Dating club.

Who can be called a Playboy and what types-of- service they are willing to provide?

If we talk about this concisely, you will be concluding the fact that the Male who can surely be spending some unforgettable moments with our clients for money and fulfillment of body's requirements are concisely known as a man escort or gigolo in Bandra Mumbai.

Generally, this can occur round-the-clock in high-profile resorts, hotels and nightclubs are also included here. Even those sort of Male escort/playboy service or man prostitution action has successfully worked in certain major cities of India.

This is the only reason that prostitution is still permitted in most step cities so that individuals may be enjoying their time together with utmost pleasure. Furthermore, we will unavoidably be supplying necessary support to the clients residing in the gigolo market in Bandra Mumbai. They will assertively be shelling out reasonable cash - for assertively - employing an average Man or a handsome hunk.

So, instead of waiting the time which won't be coming back, prefer to earn that vital call for the only purpose of reserving a male escort. We strongly against the idea of offering any call boy jobs in Mumbai which will be attracting any sort of illegal actions or some low-grade customers the reason is quite obvious this is a real and luxury location and those customers will be spoiling the moods too.

Be the first one to capture the gigolo market in Bandra Mumbai

Our gigolo[s] or playboys aren't only hardcore but also empowered enough when it comes to satisfying the clients at any cost. Each of the participants - has undergone - those several necessary tests - like psychological, physical, and laboratory tests - which will be ensuring safety - with proof.

They - the ones who opted for Gigolo boy jobs in Mumbai won’t be containing some legal history and don't have the relationship - either with minority courses and trafficking too. We prefer to pay unavoidable attention towards the safety measures plus the privacy of our clients. Our clients who are either running their inline businesses or functioning for the other business owners will be admiring - everyone's living. Additionally, we also double-check sincerely- if or not the service(s) won't be impacting anybody's individual life for the sake of happiness and well-being too.

Procedure for the required registration and becoming an unforgettable Playboy

  • Step 1: Filling the listed-below Registration form for opting for Playboy Services.
  • Step 2: We will assertively be calling you - within a 24 hrs span - after the registration fee is paid.
  • Step3: The client will directly calling you - the details can easily be collected - from our agency.
  • Step4: Attend those life-changing calls and get paid by our respectful clients.

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Why should you join gigolo in Bandra Mumbai?

  • Our agency is legal and adhering to every law under the Indian constitution. (Male prostitution is still demanding a recognized position in India.)
  • We will surely be offering an affordable starting.
  • We don’t entertain sharing our member’s privacy - with any other authority.
  • We are not even attending - any unknown clients.
  • We are not preferring to attend LGBT clients. (L equals [-]lesbian, G equals [-]gay, B equals [-] bisexual, T equals [-] transexual).
  • We are not attending to the [Sexually Transmitted Diseases] STD affected clients.

Why is the need of joining Call Boy Service in Pune?

  • We never will try to share our User information - with anyone.
  • All the Profiles are sincerely verified and secured.
  • A One-Hundred Percent [%] Money back guarantee.
  • Spam and Fraud Prevention will be offered.
  • Round-the-clock Customer-care assistance.
  • Devoted Agents and the Manager assisting them.


You will be getting 15000 – 20000 on a per meeting basis -if the full night is spent. If the case is for the short times i.e. 4-6 hrs, the price gets reduced to 6000 – 12000 - for sure.

Working Time

You will hassle-free be to receive from 4 to 10 clients on a per month basis, but you may cancel your meeting - if the emergency is there - or you want to do - the same.

Working Place

You must have attained clients - both in their place - and at the lavish hotels - also.

Selection Process

You can immediately contact us. But for that, this is vital - filling the form above.

We have our gigolo service spread across all the major cities of India. These will be starting from - like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and then, ending with - Hyderabad.